Sunday, 7 December 2008

Satoshi Ohno - still cruising for a bruising

A while ago I wrote about how I wanted to punch Satoshi Ohno from the boyband Arashi in the goddamn face. This feeling has not gone away. In fact it has just been fermenting in me and returned with full force this week when I saw the latest Arashi ads for au phones:

Working late after the rest of the office has gone home, Satoshi takes a well earned break to listen to some hot new tunes on his au cell phone...

He just looks like a titanic cock there. The other band members are in far less annoying situations - convenience store worker, commuter and so on - but Satoshi plays the part of yuppy douche to perfection.

A punch to the face or a keyboard around the back of the head - that's all I ask.

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