Monday, 1 December 2008

Snowboarding on a Monday

Ah! Look at that! It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, there's fresh snow on the ground from yesterday - it can only mean one thing! :

Tastes like snowboarding!

So, this was my second time ever snowboarding, and man am I gonna hurt tomorrow. Seriously, it is not going to be pretty. I took one or two peachy falls today, and a whole boat load of smaller ones, so I'm pretty sure I'll be paying for that in the near future. However I had a fantastic time, and it was well worth the agony to go. Thankfully I also improved some again - I even linked some turns, rode both sides of the board and actually descended some parts of the mountain like an actual snowboarder might do, were he a particularly shit snowboarder. I mean I still feel like I've got a lo-o-o-ong way to go, but I have at least found some sign posts guiding me in the right direction now, mostly thanks to Sara, god bless her, who pretty much coached me for half the day. Luckily we weny on a Monday, early in the season so although conditions were perfect it was really quiet and I didn't have to worry too much about hitting other people. Which considering my board control is a real possibility.

Of course a lot of my motivation for learning to snowboard is to get closer to, to commune more with the snow. To learn it, love it, know it, be one with it... ahem. And the snow was gorgeous, although a couple of times I did go off course and ended up in a big white fluffy drift, which is softer on the arse but murder to climb out of. And also I want to go up mountains and high places, and boy do I get to do that:

Click to embiggen, then squint... that's the coast and the sea curving away in the distance. Views like that are so wonderous, it's worth the bumps just for them.

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