Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Last night I watched Super Chample again, and the dance off between the E. X. Men and Spin Crew was one of the best things I've ever seen on TV. It was a battle in the loosest sense of the word, because the E. X. Men just schooled the other crew mercilessly. I can't find any torrents of the show, but I'm looking because my jaw was hanging open by the time it had finished. They were so good they were working in jokes into the music flawlessly, and their... what can I say... athleticism was just crazy. My favourite moment was when the guy ended his crazy spinning leg frenzy flat on his back and one of the other members appeared next to him in a white coat and put a stethoscope to his chest to check if his heart was still beating. All while they were just switching dancers. Incredible.

~ ~ ~

Since snowboarding on Monday I've been aching pretty ferociously. It was fantastic, but I'll have to keep going to work up these muscles so I don't feel like this every time. Again it's my arms that hurt the most, whether it's from pushing myself up or from breaking my falls I'm not sure, but at least this year I can raise them above my head. Last year after snowboarding I couldn't even do that.

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The SMAPs are in Sapporo tonight and last night, playing the Sapporo Dome. I just mention it because I have a soft spot for the SMAPs, and I know a few people who are going, so I can't wait to hear how it was.

~ ~ ~

For one reason or another I'm getting back into the Gilmore Girls. Actually, it's probably because it's winter and I'm pulling out the Gilmore Girls DVD in the same way I'm pulling out the blankets and with more or less the same effect. I'm pretty sure there's a drinking game to be found in having a shot of alcohol every time someone's drinking coffee in the Gilmore Girls. I love that show, and I love it's really unhealthy attitude to coffee. In fact the drinking game should be you have a shot of espresso every time someone is drinking coffee in the Gilmore Girls - first one to have a heart attack loses.

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  1. I prefer the Commando drinking game, but I'd be willing to give the Gilmore Girls one a try. I have the Commando special edition DVD with me, by the by.