Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mad Max. No, not that one.

I do like magazines. Y'know, periodicals, and once in a while (usually at 4am or 6am when I'm drunk for some reason) I pick up a Japanese magazine just for the hell of it. I mean, I can't read it at all, but I can usually look at some pictures of pretty sneakers and fancy clothes. A while ago though, I stepped away from the fashion section and picked up Mad Max:

Can you guess what kind of magazine it is from the cover? Yes, it's a fun mag for wannabe yakuza! Wannabe hard-drinking street toughs! Ah, it's funny when you first flick through, but you quickly feel tired and dirty. I haven't even scanned any of the interior, I will if anyone really wants me too, but I feel like I'd be spending too much time on it. There are articles on gangs who look tough, other gangs who look tough, cute girls with motorbikes, dog fighting, old crazy looking gangsters, a comic strip in a women's prison, another comic strip with ludicrous fantasy violence, some nudity, lots of tattoos. That about covers it I think. The big pink letters up there say "SHOCKING" but sadly I wasn't very shocked.

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