Monday, 30 March 2009

Rising Sun DVD... FINDS! (File Under J-Pop)

So, I've gone through five DVDs of higlights from the Rising Sun Rock Festival in EZO that I went to last year. It's cool to see some tracks from the awesome sets that I saw, but it's also cool to get turned on to some of the artists that I missed because I didn't know who they were. A lot of the straight punk music was pretty interchangeable, but I would've liked to have caught Tha Blue Herb and Denki Groove along with these three pop spectaculars:

Ego Wrappin' - Go Action! (Website)

That's an awesome video too.

Low IQ 01 & Master Low - T.O.A.S.T. (Website)

Live from the festival itself no less. This next one sounds pretty shitty at first, but it gets interstellar almost exactly half-way through so hold out for it. Great video again too.

Sakanaction - Night Fishing Is Good (Website)

I tried the big sized embeddable video this time, hope it looks ok where you are. I'ma try and pick up some of this music sometime and hope that they come back to the festival next year. Pop!

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  1. Make sure to request them on the website. I requested like 20 bands the other day. The instructions say you can request as many as you want, just no doublesies.