Friday, 13 March 2009

Tins and Fractures

Yeah, so apparently I'm not so invulnerable. And chewing on foil didn't magically strap adamantium to my bones.

NB: This is just a google image photo, not my actual x-ray.

I went to a small clinic in the middle of nowhere, where they kept the bandages in old food tins and the x-ray machine was yellowing with age, to get verification that I cracked a rib snowboarding last week. I'm strapped up, I've got cold compresses and drugs and I'm pretty optimistic I'm not going to die.

Fingers crossed!

The old clinic was very cool actually, it was clearly well run, clean and very good, it's just that everything in it was very old. I didn't mind, it was actually quite cool to see all that vintage stuff and the doctor in his modified recliner/swivel chair thing.

And now... taking it easy.


  1. Just remember that Japan was a third world country when the doctor bought that equipment. Hope you have a Geiger counter.


  2. Dude, please. I'm fine. It's just... every time I walk near the TV the picture flickers. But I'm sure that's... nothing.