Thursday, 26 March 2009

Terrorist Attack - America Fights Back

Even though she's coming to stay in less than a month, my sister still found time to send me a Christmas present that arrived yesterday! Frankly, it's awesome to receive presents out of the blue and this was even more awesome considering it included tongue corroding sour sweets (oh man, I love sours) and these little beauties that I've been coveting for a long time:

1987 vintage, anti-terrorist, gun-toting, propoganda trading cards. Fuck yeah. Predating the "War on Terror" by about 14 years these cards will fucking put you straight about the threats America faced in 1987. I put in about two and half seconds research on google to find this awesome article which gives you some background to the set and how it was probably some sort of reference to the famous Mars Attacks cards that brought us that fantastic Tim Burton movie that I now suddenly really want to see again. Each card reads like a thirty second encyclopedia on terror narrated by Sherrif John Bunnell.

Here then - lest you grow complacent - are a few choice cards, front and back so that you can enjoy the pretty awesome paintings, and tremble at the prescient truth-saying. Click to embiggen of course. First up... THATCHER:

Next... MANSON:

And finally... Will It Ever End?

Answer: NO.

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  1. I like that a candy company printed a pro-gun pro-Christianity message on a trading card.