Saturday, 4 July 2009

Japanese Stationery Terror!

This Saturday post is brought to you by the following Monday and the smell of a freshly mown lawn.

OK, so there's a lot of crazy / creepy / "cute" stationery out there in Japan, but in Tokyu Hands the other day I was handed this and was so mesmerised that I could not leave without buying it.

Immediately I thought "Oh, I'll send it to Bunny" but quickly decided that no, this is mine. The sheer terror of the other children being attacked by a personified baby's ass, the realisation on the face of the baby of his horrible alter ego... there's a solid internal logic to it that really appeals to me.

Also, on the back:

"Hello! Hello!"

"Run away!!"

I'll probably use it for accounts or something.


  1. regarding the hip pop monster, I did actually see this myself whilst in that glorious country and yet I resisted buying it, how so?

    because human babies, even when combined with anthropomorphic faces and kawaii doodles and slogans and insane engrish ramblings, are NOT CUTE in my book, i'd even go as far as to say NOT COOL, because they kind of freak me out, I dont like babies and slogans, i dont like pictures of babies that are meant to be cute, and i especially dont like babies with food round their mouth that are meant to be cute (i know that last one was irrelevant) , i realise that perhaps the goal of the hip pop monster was way beyond cute into terrifyingly insane and mesmerising, but in short, i'm really glad you didn't send it me.

    animal characters - yes
    characters somewhere between animal and human - yes
    characters of any kind of inanimate object, foodstuff or combination of these - yes (with the exception of gross stuff like toilets obviously, not cool)
    actual human babies as characters - NO!

    lesson learned.

    ps. I really don't like nappy adverts.

  2. I detect the multi-paragraphed comment of the clearly-jealous.

    Self-evidently, this is the greatest piece of marketing ever created by man or jesus.