Thursday, 9 July 2009

Product Review: Kit Kat Sports Drink

Oh man. I know I keep bleating on about this subject, but this one's a peach. Check it out:

Kit Kat "Sports Drink Flavour"

I mean seriously, they've gotta have three guys hot-boxed in a little glass bubble, ripped to the gills sending little vacuum sealed notes down in pneumatic tubes to the Flavour Lab where the boys in white coats do their very best.

Sesame, Sweet Potato and Honey

Sports Drink

Anchovy Stuffed Olives

Lemur Fur

The other option is that it's the other way round. The boys in white coats just keep dropping chemicals into a petri dish in different combinations, apply the results to a stick of kit kat and send it up to the lads in the bubble. If it doesn't kill the poor sods they hold a debriefing:

Scientist: What about sample eff-four-eight-slash-two-five?

Taste Tester 1: Was that the pink one?

Scientist: That's right.

Taste Tester 2: It tasted like... friendship.

Taste Tester 1: Like... if your friends made you some really good cookies...

Taste Tester 2: Yeah, like pecan...

Taste Tester 1: ... like pecan and maple cookies.

Scientist: It tastes like pecan and maple cookies?

Taste Tester 3: It tastes like shame.

My actual review of Sports Drink Flavour Kit Kat? More like chemical tang kit kat. It's pretty nice, these things always are, and when I ripped it open it did smell like Aquarius or Pocari Sweat or one of those other Japanese sports drinks. But once it's in your mouth? Kinda citrusy and tangy, I reckon you'd have to be told that it's meant to taste like sports drink to arrive at that conclusion.

Bunny sent me some animal shaped frozen lollipop makers, which I put to good use:

It's a chocolate and mint flavoured bear! No, he's not dead, he's just lying down. In his weird, plastic sarcophagus.


  1. I saw a Vinegar and XXXX one the other day. I can't remember what the XXXX was, if that's in doubt. Too shocked by the vinegar part.


  2. I think it was apple and vinegar dude, and I tried it. It was probably worse than this one.