Thursday, 2 July 2009

TV Times? True Blood!

This Thursday post is brought to you by the following Monday and the colour pink:

Christ-in-a-Pedalo that's a great title-sequence. I don't think I'll ever get tired of sitting through that. True Blood as a whole though, comes and goes for me. I never really knew much about it until my friend Victoria started harranguing me to watch it, and I had no idea it was Alan Ball - celebrated creator of Six Feet Under - who brought it to the big time small screen. Actually many people seem to have tried it because of him, thinking that the stories are going to be fang-strewn codswallop but that he'll make some kinda magic out of it.

Actually, after watching the first series (where overall the good stuff outweighed the bad stuff) I have a feeling that it works because of a strong set up and some nice plots, which I assume come from the books, while the actual execution (other than that stellar opening) is kinda slipshod. The acting is certainly nothing to write home about, the script is terrible, the episodes feel alternately too slow or too rushed, the cliffhangers falling at rough, arbitrary moments and thus feeling forced - the televisual aspect of it overall isn't that great. But for most of the series the set up (vampires trying to integrate into a world that now knows of their existence) and the tight plotting where one event leads naturally to another, to another driving the whole story on make it really fun to watch. The end of the series almost lost me though, with characters suddenly making decisions in order to drive the plot, and that shit pisses me off.

Also, the special effects whereby you speed up the film to make it look like the Vampire is moving really fast? Laughable in Twilight and laughable in this. In a bad way.

Also also, if vampires are so organised and cool as to have "Magisters" and "Sherrifs" why do they hold their trials in the car park of the Thunderdome from Mad Max?

So thumbs... wavering in a horizontal position so far.

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