Wednesday, 8 July 2009

TV Times? Berry & Flucher's Snuff Box

I have like, this huge man-crush on Matt Berry. I mean, mostly it's that voice - both honey-roasted and salted at the same time - but also he seems fairly darn talented.

I finally got to see Snuff Box that I believe was one of those amazing pieces of culture that Britain held onto until I left the country just to gyp me.

It's wonderful and insane and disturbing and is one of those comedy offerings that at times is so obtuse that you doubt whether you're even watching a comedy show. Again it hits my buttons because of the maleable internal logic that is sometimes strong as steel, sometimes as weak as jelly.

I cannot recommend it enough, nor the other works of Matt Berry. Oh gosh, I just found out he has actual albums! There must be some way to get ahold of them...

God damn you Matt Berry. And God bless you too.

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