Thursday, 16 July 2009

Who says the Japanese are law abiding citizens?

Well, as the old Goon Show joke goes - just about everybody. But when it comes to bicycle parking - and if you'll excuse my language - fuck that shit:

This is the subway exit I have to walk past everyday on the way to work and that heap of bikes is only an average day. On a sunny Saturday the narrow passage will be almost impassable with steel frames and rubber tyres. This happens all over the city and every now and then the police come through and cart away every bike that isn't strictly within the lines but I guess people just live with it and bail their pedals out if they get nabbed. Luckily I haven't had my ride "towed" yet, but since it's not even registered (your bike should be registered, and if it's not the police can stop you and confiscate it while you're riding on suspicion that it's stolen) I think I'm pretty lucky.

Of course I also believe that my bike is currently protected by a magical charm, since after my first flat tyre a few weeks ago I happened to push my "chari" past a bike shop where they fixed the puncture for a song. Good times.

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