Saturday, 18 July 2009

Real Life

I should've posted something to say that this will be one of those sporadic weeks. I figured I'd be busy sorting stuff out for my new flat (yeah! new flat!) and there'd probably be a couple of days internet crossover time when I wouldn't have any web access at all (the thought makes my heart shiver). Oh, but that was until I realised that in all probability I'll be having a sporadic month as torrential rain this weekend revealed that my otherwise perfect appartment has the slight flaw of LETTING THE FUCKING RAIN IN. So they have to fix it before I can live there and the snap verdict was that it would take "some weeks". I am far from amused, and eagerly awaiting more details of what they are going to do to cheer me up a little tomorrow. I'm just lucky I found this out the day after I started renting the place and not after I'd made it into a home.

The three-day-downpour also rained off the Toyohira River Rafting Festival which some of my friends were taking part in, and which I was heartily looking forward to watching and blogging about. They had to build a fucking raft, then take the damn thing apart again, in the rain, without sailing it at all. So it's not like I was the only one who had a sucky weekend.

And I did have a productive old weekend picking up a lot of the furniture and appliances I need for not too much money... It's just that I probably can't even use them for weeks so...


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