Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sapporo Food: RaRa

Don't look now, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna bust a restaurant post over yer head:

RaRa is an Indian and Nepalese food restaurant on Hokkudai Dori, and it was very good. The reason we went there was rather arbitrary - while driving around yesterday visiting more used appliance stores than is healthy to in one day, we stopped at the lights next to it. I've taken some liberties in half translating this conversation:

Alex: What's this place? Oh, it's Indian and Nepalese.

Yuki: Curry? I love curry! Oh, this place is famous.

Alex: (watching someone tearing a nan in half through the window) Goddamn that nan looks incredible!

So when we were finally burnt out on looking for homewares we headed back there.

That's yer Chicken Butter Masala there, with the nan peeking into the corner of the picture as solely the tip of the iceberg. The nan was great, and the curry was great too, spicy but still with a lot of flavour and just as rich as I demand my butter curry dishes be.

I'm gonna mark this one on the map and I recommend it wholeheartedly, but it was a touch pricey. And for my money the best Indian style curry in Sapporo is still Mohan Dish in Kita24, which I've been to like six times in the last two months and forgotten to write about every time. Yuki said she thought Mohan Dish was started by people who originally worked at RaRa, which would be interesting. RaRa's interior is gorgeous, where Mohan Dish could charitably be described as... shabby. Still, better, chunkier, more satisfying curries at Mohan. The nan at RaRa may edge it though. That was bloody great.

There are other Indian Restaurants in Sapporo of course, many in fact, and hopefully I'll add them into this cage-match at some point. Probably not the famous place Taj Mahal though, last time I went there it was expensive and not very good.

Indo-Curry Deathmatch!

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  1. Mohan Dish has since moved and upgraded, it is amazing inside now.

    But the best indian food in Sapporo is a little place called Mayoor India on Kita North 23.

    Email me if you want to make a trip to compare