Friday, 28 August 2009

Moments from Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police is by no means an entry level schlock movie.

Can't see what's going on up there too well eh? Ah, that'll be because there's so much fake blood being pumped out that it's covering the camera lens.

Good times.

I wouldn't recommend Tokyo Gore Police unless you've seen at least a good few hundred gallons of fake blood slopped around on screen before. It's grotesque to an inventive and surprising level, gratuitous to point of lunacy and... well it's just really, really disgusting. Some of the violence was executed in a way that remained entertaining for this genre, but some (probably intentionally) crossed a taste-line that marked stuff I really couldn't enjoy. I'm not really sure in the end whether I thought it was any good or not too. Certainly the plot was better than I was expecting, and it showed a lot of self awareness throughout that came as a surprise, but there was also a bizarre piece of what looked like backhanded racism towards the end. In the end the movie makes a lot more biting comments, and is a lot more critical of Japan itself throughout, but that little bit was so randomly thrown in and seemed so without merit that it left a nasty taste in my mouth. Was there a valid comment in that moment?

Oh but then again if you're a fan of schlock horror this is a movie that starts with a chainsaw-sword-fight and includes a gun that shoots fists, a man with guns for eyes, and a quadruple amputee with swords for limbs.

So if you've got a strong stomach you should probably check it out.

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