Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Famous Comic Book Creators!

My sister has become quite the formidable dealer in old trading cards, and recently she sourced a box of these beauties, and knowing that I'm a big comic book geek she sent me a sample pack:

That's right back in 1992 comics were such big news that they merited a trading card collection - not for the characters, but for the sub-Adonis-like (to put it charitably) guys who wrote and drew them. I reckon this was around the time that vintage Amazing Fantasy #15's and first appearance of the Punisher were going for silly money, so comics were probably in the news a lot. Still it might be thought a little absurd that you could get little pin-up photos of these gents:

Why isn't Tom Yeates wearing a shirt? Didn't they wear shirts to draw comics in the 70s? Jesus. Anyway, it might seem weird, but I think these are wonderful, especially because I got some pretty cool people and big names in my little pack. John Romita! You can thank him for a lot of Spider-man's popularity. Paul Chadwick! Everyone loves his thoughtful indie book Concrete. Well, except me, I read the first volume and it was kinda sucky. And looking good against a particularly titillating red:

Movie star Havey Pekar, creator of American Splendor! That's a keeper my friend! Not for trades or swaps!

Anyway the backs have a summary biography and such helpful stats as date of birth, place of birth, current home (creeeepy), which art school they attended, which hand they write with, and which hand they draw with! However for some of the guys who are artists but don't write at all, their writing entry is left blank so it looks like they never learned to write.

Oh, did I say that these guys were less than godlike? I stand corrected - hello Marc Silvestri, superstar penciller of the X-Men:

Ladies, FYI: "Talented Marc is one of the tallest artists in comics, measuring in at six foot, six inches." Think about it. He's probably loaded too.

You should be able to buy these pretty soon from one of Bunny's stores, but I think she's changing things over right now. Check it out at her blog: Bunny

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