Tuesday, 5 August 2008


God knows what's gotten into me recently, but I started contributing to a creative-collective blog a couple of weeks ago. We were inspired by this post by Warren Ellis, that observes astutely that there are quite enough link blogs, aggregators and indexes out there, it's about time people started creating their own interesting things. There are five of us in total, so we can keep it rolling and updating every weekday, and we've been going for two weeks now so there's a good amount of stuff there already. The curtain was officially raised today, or possibly yesterday, depending on what time zone you're operating in:


I'll be contributing every Thursday and so far I posted a couple of songs that you can listen to and download. Our remit is completely unspecified, but this week is acting like a kind of introduction, so you can see who is creating this stuff. My more-than-able co-conspirators have been posting paintings, photos, comics, carpentry, prose and much more. It's pretty exciting really.

Renee's painting.

Ben's loom.

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