Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sheep: Sinister, Delicious

Tonight we had Jingiskan (the spelling is pretty much up for grabs on that one, it's a loose japanized derivation of Genghis Khan) for the first time in ages. Jingiskan being a Sapporo speciality, a sort of Mongolian mutton/lamb barbecue that's pretty close to Japanese yakiniku. Also it probably evolved in Hokkaido because the island is positively brimming with sheep. Well, there are a few.

It was fantastic, but the place had actually sold out of the Hokkaido lamb, so we had to opt for the imported stuff from Iceland. Which inspired this post, because it was also delicious, but even when both kinds are on the menu the Icelandic lamb is half the price of the Hokkaido lamb.

Half the price! What do you think the food miles are on that Icelandic stuff? I'll tell you! From the capital of Hokkaido to the capital of Iceland: 4988.7 miles. That stuff had travelled almost 5000 miles, and it was half the price of the lamb from the same island we're on. And it was delicious too! Which means that either Iceland is covered from shore to shore with sheep so that they're pretty much giving the meat away, or actual Hokkaido lamb tastes like the flesh of the Gods.

Or, of course, they know that people round here are very proud of their local produce... still, 5000 miles!

In other news, sheeps eyes are freaky and unnerving.

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  1. .. and i heard that lambs like to fly business class. there's more legroom.