Monday, 4 August 2008

J-Pop Power! Muxtape Madness!

It's hot as balls today, and I just drank a milkshake so thick that for I moment I thought the straw had run out of batteries. Here's more J-Pop!

Muxtape is a genius site that just allows you to upload a mixtape-like selection of songs that other people can then easily stream (at enormous volume) for free. No downloads now, that would be naughty.

I just set up a new one with a bunch of J-Pop a
nd rock and nonsense that I figured people should hear. Listening to this muxtape is absolutely guaranteed to entirely recreate the experience of sitting in an appartment in Northern Japan on a sunny Monday afternoon. Or your money back.

I'm insanely stoked to see some of these artists at the Rising Sun Rock festival next week, which I will write a whole heap about I'm sure. For now, just listen and please note if you don't like anything on there then it's YOUR taste that is in error not mine. Except possibly for the GLAY x EXILE track. That isn't all that great but I thought I'd post it since it's quite fun, and a pretty good example of an Explosive! Japanese! Collaboration! Sensation! Plus my co-worker loves GLAY soooo much.

They are all ridiculously GOODLOOKING too.

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