Sunday, 3 August 2008

J-Pop Power! Perfume - Polyrhythm

Today I bring you honest to god J-Pop from last year, none of that J-Rock, J-Punk or J-Indies nonsense, three girls, some bad dancing and a whole lot of synths. And if you're listening to the start and you think: "This is just shit", you're right, but wait until the one minute thirty mark when the looping starts, and they start creating dinosaurs and dancing in front of bulldozers:

Perfume - Polyrhythm

Wasn't that great? And when it comes back in just after two minutes, it's like the producer fell asleep on the vocoder button and the video director's LSD kicked in.

It's not like Japan has the sole rights to awesome modern girl pop either, everyone knows Girls Aloud are awesome, and here's your bonus video to prove it:

Girls Aloud - Biology

Girls Aloud: can't sing, can't dance, I don't find any of them attractive - and yet they are avatars of pop genius. Goddesses.


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  2. Related to my post in that it's UTTERLY AWESOME!