Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My favourite object in the world / Something about blogging.

I hereby present to you, for your... delictation and universal appreciation the Nike Air Max 90 burger, by Ole Hemmendorff:

It was created for Nike, who commissioned 8 artists to interpret a classic Nike item for a big launch in Stockholm. Considering I still don't buy Nike it's kinda weird that I've posted two items basically about how cool they are, but they are nothing if not fucking prolific - and this combines two of my biggest crushes into one repulsive, irresistable whole.

Of course, it has been posted on many, many, many blogs before, which made me think again about blogging. Well actually the list of "via"s made me laugh. (apparently this is an internet shorthand for "I'm ripping off someone else's blog" that I wasn't aware of).

I originally saw it on High Snobiety, then was prompted to use it here by seeing it on Kanye West's blog. Yeezy is kind of an asshole though, coz he never credits his sources and he rarely links out, so I googled it to get closer to the source... and here's what I found:

a blog

And amusingly that last link is to Vice magazine who seem to be organising the launch for Nike, meaning that they commissioned the artist really, not Nike.

Many blogs seem to fall into two categories: linkblogs, trawling the internet for the cream, and personal blogs writing about events in the person's life. I recently got involved with the creative groupblog Loom in direct opposition to the first of these, and I've been trying to make this blog more like the latter, with occasional internet finds and so-on dropped in because, frankly my life isn't all that interesting and I can't post everyday otherwise. Those seem to be the blogs I like - a combination of everything - and I guess I'm still feeling my way here.

So I'd like to make the following my statement of intent for this blog. "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying not to be a wanker. I'm sorry."

Thank you.

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  1. i write the rubbish that spills from my head on a splog. not a blog. it's different. i think of a splog as being a lower form of life. like an insect that splats against your windscreen when you are driving fast through the countryside on a summer day. only the windscreen is your eyes, and the insects are nasty little words. that's what a slog is - nasty insect-like words flying into your eyes.