Saturday, 9 August 2008

Stealin' from another man's blog, aka: If it's good enough for Kanye West...

You know who has a great blog? Kanye West of course! I mean, it's more like a link-log, he only pops up to talk about himself from time to time; but with his machine gun spray of design, technology, mostly naked girls, insanely expensive fashion items, and slightly less naked-slightly more famous girls - he has a pretty high hit rate.

And also a pretty high rate of almost naked girls.

Of course there's the spectre of ghost-blogging, something that he's thoroughly denied, but frankly I'm willing to let it slide anyway. He (or his online doppelganger) has brought a bunch of great things to my attention, and his blog's always worth a look. I know that almost everything he posts he's probably reposting from elsewhere, but frankly it's always nice to find a good digest.

The point being that I absolutely had to post about The Vader Project. It recently hit Japan, and now draws from a collection of over a hundred life-size Darth Vader replica helmets that have been painted, decorated, customized or otherwise mutated by "underground artists". But it's ok, because some of them look astonishing, and are unspeakably cool. A big ol' flickr set can be found here in case anyone hasn't seen these yet.

As one of the curators says:
"This could not be a timelier event, the pop surrealist/ lowbrow/graffiti/designer art scene is exploding around us." which just makes him sound like an utter wanker, but there you go.

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