Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Missied Opportunities #1: Mosdo

Collaborations. HOT. I was in a shop last week and I saw a pair of New Balance x Stussy x Real Mad Hectic sneakers with an Autumn theme... so hot they were almost on fire. They illuminated the store with flames of awesome, and of course this is Japan so they were two sizes too small, but still. HOT. Everyone loves an exciting collab, like when Eddie Van Halen played with Michael Jackson, or when Jimmy Page played with P. Diddy; but here's one to leave them all in the dust:

Mosdo. Mos Burger x Mister Donut. There's a Mos Burger 10 seconds from where I work and a Mister Donut about 2 minutes away, and I use both from time to time (Misudo usually for the coffee, which is pretty good if over-priced). They're both really pretty good at what they do for huge corporate chains, so let me tell you this was a team-up that really had me salivating. And what do the geniuses come up with? Hot chicken burger and hot chicken pie. Jesus, be still my pounding heart.

Let me tell you what I want: a honey glazed donut, split in half with a goddamn burger in the middle. Is that too much to ask? It's a burger chain collaborating with a donut chain, who bloody brought up the idea of chicken? I tell you, humanity has this... potential to be great, but it keeps squandering it like this. Look sharp humanity!

1 comment:

  1. i was expecting a donut burger. y'know, a donut in a bun.