Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday 25th August 2008

Just some notes from today:

An elderly man found an innovative way to strike up a conversation with me and Matt today, by falling over backwards in a spectacular fashion while trying to get on his bike. He was nice enough, though I understood maybe less than half of what he was saying.

We then cycled back to Hamburger Risa that I wrote about before. Turns out that it's even better than I first thought because you get free coffee refills. Free refills! It's not love, but I would bear that shop's babies.

And I bought a Mos Burger T-shirt from Uniqlo. It's a great T-shirt, but I am pretty much just being a walking advert for one of Japan's largest burger chains. Then again, since I eat there once a week I'm only endorsing sartorially what I'm already endorsing with my hard earned cash.

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