Friday, 14 November 2008

Coffee Inna Can

Of course in Japan canned coffee is really popular. Vending machines are everywhere and in summer you can get cold canned coffee, in winter you can get hot canned coffee. Conventional wisdom amongst westerners is that coffee in a can tastes shit - but conventional wisdom is wrong.

It tastes shit only most of the time. Sometimes it tastes alright. Y'know, ok I mean.

My choice at the moment is Fire: Africa, which I buy a can of on the way to work every day. I also quite like most of the Itoen line, which are sold at the vending machine right outside where I work, especially when they're heated up for winter. Sadly my other options right outside my building are Georgia, which is Coke's stake in the market and which I don't like much.

Which makes it even more galling to find this:

Click through and check it out, there's a whole story line played out over the course of 4 or 5 commercials. But, much as I hate to disagree with Coop, it isn't damn fine coffee.

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