Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Oh, George Lucas... shame on you.

Recently advertised on TV: Star Wars, Darth Vader pachinko. I'm pretty vocally of the opinion that pachinko parlours are a special kind of hell on earth, where each shiny metal ball sucks a tiny part of the player's soul down into a pit of endless misery. They look so shiny and colourful, but once you get inside they sound like an infinite-car pile-up where every car is playing the worst techno music in the world slightly out of synch with one another; and they smell like the bottom of an industrial chimney.

I know that big western companies use pachinko to advertise their wares but really, go to the Sankyo website and check out the ads that are currently airing on Japanese TV for this shit and you too may well shake your head and wonder at whether George Lucas really signs off on every Starwars product.

It's somewhat lacking in class.

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