Saturday, 1 November 2008

Q: Rock music? A: Rock Music

Chris sent me an mp3 of the first track off the Fucked Up album. It:s so good, that I can't even bring myself to download it illegally, I'm hoping I can actually track down a copy this weekend. And of course that made me listen to nothing but beautiful rock music for the last few days, and of course that is good for the soul like you don't even know.

That track's called Son the Father, and I can' find a video of it, but here's an infamous recent TV appearance by them on MTV Canada where the presenters seem to have been shipped in from the early nineties. The actual music here doesn't come across very well, but what the hell huh?:

And then here's Cows with Mine and Organized Meat. Mine has possibly the greatest lyrics of any song ever: "If you can lay eyes on it - it's mine! it's mine! / if you can walk upon it - it's mine! it's mine!" and later on "if you can latch on to it - it's mine! it's mine! / if you can eat or screw it - it's mine! it's mine!"

And then here's the Blood Brothers with one of the best album openers ever.

Doesn't that feel better? It does to me.

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