Friday, 7 November 2008

The World of Golden Eggs

The World of Golden Eggs is an MTV Japan animated shorts series, that's really pretty funny. It's filtered into my conciousness by virtue of being featured heavily on displays in shops like HMV and Village Vanguard here. It caught my eye, I tracked it down and lo and behold...

... I can post it illegally on my blog. Of course if the rights owners have a problem with this then just email me, I'll take it down, but really they shouldn't. You can't download it here, you can't buy it in English speaking countries, and this is the same clip I saw a million times on instore TVs.

Each show is about ten minutes, half of which is devoted to an ongoing surreal high school story, and the other half of which is a separate, more hit-or-miss sketch. The subtitles are pretty interesting in that they're part of the show from the start. They only run over the high school bits though, and while they're kind of off sometimes, they get across the feel of the sketchy, random dialogue very nicely. I hope they're legible on this tiny screen, or that you can embiggen it somehow...

I think that Golden Eggs would cross over pretty nicely for a Western audience, but I've been wrong about these things before. A lot of the humour comes from the voice talent, and they'd really have to nail that, but stranger things have happened - I'd like to see someone give it a shot.

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