Monday, 17 November 2008


Among today's finds:

I've seen the Big Issue Japan a couple of times but never in Sapporo. Japan has a big homeless problem in general, but not so much in Hokkaido - it's just too cold to survive the winter living outdoors up here. Down where Andy lives in hot, hot Fukuoka though, I've seen so many people sleeping rough along the river; and a while back I read this article about those living hand to mouth in Osaka. I can't read it at all, but it's interesting to flick through.

Colo Galita are my favourite chocolate snack things in Japan. Let my take your tongue on a journey... with my words. They're little biscuit cups filled with chocolate and ensconced in the middle of the chocolate is a nugget of caramel. They're crunchy and chocolatey and sweet all at once and thus I love them. And now double chocolate Colo Galita? I say thee yay.

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