Friday, 21 November 2008

Incongruous Background Music

As I mentioned before soup curry restaurants always have either reggae, Indian, or Indo-reggae themed decor, and play music to match. The shop I go to most often (because it's two minutes from my appartment and has the best vegetables I've found) has somewhat mixed furnishings, but plays a good mix of classic reggae and sometimes even British ska like the Specials, the Beat and Madness.

Tonight though, they mixed it up a bit, dropping Shampoo's Trouble in there amongst the reggae rhythms. I know Shampoo were bigger here than they were anywhere else in the world, but still, it almost made me spit-take my curry all over my book.

I was, however, the only person in the restaurant and they were about to close, so maybe they were just cutting loose from the repressive straight-jacket of soup-curry-reggae.

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