Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This post is a bit tricky for me, because much as I can't help it mostly, and I am kind of an asshole, I don't like just making fun of people because of their interests and hobbies. I'm clearly a geek, I love comic books and weird music and all kinds of crazy shit, but this post... it just had to be made. I'm sorry, and I'm trying not to be too harsh.

The girl who lived in my appartment before me collected the infamous Super Dollfie Dolls. You know, the creepy ones:

And she got a catalogue delivered every couple of months. So now I get a catalogue delivered every couple of months, and it never fails to creep me out because it's... very creepy:

The doe eyed, slightly retarded looking kid dolls are creepy, as are the terrifyingly arrogant looking aryan dolls:

And the really worrying hyper-sexualized schoolgirl / maid warriors are really creepy:

These have a cult, geek following here, they're not mainstream popular but they do cost a lot of money, and are made in limited editions so that certain models immediately rocket in price for collectors. They're collected by girls and boys, and by plenty of what I would imagine are very fine people. But, and let me try and put this as nicely as I can - I find them creepy:

So, for the girl who lived here before me - I'm sorry to be taking the catalogue you had delivered for your hobby and somewhat making fun of it. This is what happens when you post on your blog every single fucking day and you've recently invested in a scanner. However, for most other people... creepy right?

Like, really creepy.

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