Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Super Chample! Go, Aichi, Go!

Hey, it started snowing here properly tonight! You know how I know? I was standing in the lobby at work staring out of the window going "Wow! It's snowing! That's awesome!" and everyone else was muttering "Shutupshutupshutup" under their breath. That's how I know. I may have mentioned it before, Sapporo snow is a delight for me, but if you grew up here and every winter you have to change your tyres, tie up and support your trees and spend countless hours shovelling snow out of the way of your front door, you probably feel a different way.

Anyhow, not the point of todays post. I've been reading about Strictly Come Dancing and how John Sergeant was going to ruin it all and - gasp! - possibly cast some doubt on the legitimacy of a reality TV's shows ability to accurately determine the best dancer in a group of famous folks, and I just want to say "Blah, blah, blah." Feel free to take your paltry Western dance shows and cram 'em up your cram hole, because now, I got Super Chample:

Sorry about the super sketchy filmed from TV video, that's exactly what I did last night because I couldn't find any decent streaming videos online. This dance-off went on for probably around ten minutes and it's part of the B-Boy dance competition. All Area won last week, but this week they were whupped by the E-X-Men. I think they're saying that Aichi guy has the Guiness world record for headspins, and I mean how can you top that? After I stopped filming he pulled another spin that was just insane.

The show also started with this junior high boy girl duo called Respect or something, that I love because they pull the poses and faces when they're dancing, but as soon as they're interviewed they start mumbling and smiling nervously like embarrassed teens. Which of course is what they are.

Conclusion: Super Chample - fuck yeah. Snow - fuck yeah. Goodnight.

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  1. when i talk to people about it these days i often say 'super champon' because champon is a food so it's my idea of a crap joke that sometimes makes the other person laugh which i like to do.