Monday, 10 November 2008

Snowboard Shopping on a Monday

You know what I'm going to do? God help me I'm going to go snowboarding this year. Like, more than once. I decided that since I love snow so much, I have to find a new way to worship at its altar, and that way will be painful and expensive.

Because of course if I'm gonna be serious I need the gear and that ain't cheap. I'm pretty sure I can do it financially, but just finding stuff in my size here is proving really difficult. Today I trekked around a bunch of places with some success, but plenty of frustration. Boots in my size? Just utterly impossible to find here. The clothes I should be ok for though.

One of the places we went to was the Ario shopping mall, because someone told someone that there was a snowboarding shop there. There wasn't but still we had fun. Ario was really quiet because it was monday, but there were still a few people:

I found some snow-sneakers in my size but couldn't bring myself to buy them... I'm splashing out so much on the snowboard gear I need to pinch a lot of pennies I reckon. Tara however, found THE WORLD'S GREATEST SHOES!

Do they work?

Kind of!

On our way back to town we had to take a tunnel under a railway line. I'd like to think I'm not superstitious, but the gaping maw, the orange glow and the roar of machinery that greeted our approach did somewhat make me think of the entrance to hell. Olivia and Tara had to hold hands:

Also fun was that we popped into the other Evisu store in Sapporo, the one I didn't get my jeans from, while I was wearing my fancy Evisu jeans. The woman working there talked to me about them, and at one point thanked me for buying them, which was a little odd as I got them a few months ago now. Pleasant though!

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