Saturday, 21 February 2009

Big Weather and Beat Crusaders

On Friday night we had howling winds and a terrific dump of snow. Some poor guy went missing in Niseko after leaving a bar, which is scary, and when I opened my curtains on Saturday morning I saw this:

Vertical surface snow build up? Hell yes.

Saturday night I went to a rock show. Beat Crusaders, who are a popular pop-punk Japanese band playing at Zepp, the kinda commercial Academy-esque chain venue in town. We were there just before doors opened and we had to queue. Y'know, in the cold. Next to a frozen river:

There were people who had come dressed and prepared for the gig, that is, only in t-shirts. Here, Matt and Yuki look fairly warm, while next to Matt a girl in only a t-shirt vibrates with cold:

It got hellishly hot in the venue, but I didn't regret dressing for the weather outside. BeCru were good and it was a lot of fun. I'll post more about them for Sunday when I can track down some of their awesome videos online, but it was a tour for a new best of and at two hours for a pop-punk show where the songs clock in at 3 minutes or under it was a bit long. It was nicely structured: a blast of four or five songs keeping the momentum up, then some banter for a while, then another block of songs. But I only knew one album and a handful of other tracks, so it got a bit tiring to be honest. And while they're good at what they do, unless you're pulling out earth shattering hooks on every single song, with pop-punk there's only so much you can do. Beat Crusaders have some stunning hooks, but not on every single song.

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