Thursday, 26 February 2009


My mobile phone company here in Japan is Softbank, which is fine, whatever. I'm not sure how it compares to the other brands but it seems to work OK for me. I do like their TV commercials though, featuring a bizzare family arrangement where the father is played by this guy:

Celebrity super-dog, Kai-kun (photo yoinked from here). He's a gruff voiced father figure in the body of an adorable dog, and the commercials play it perfectly. I couldn't find my favourite one, where his daughter's new boyfriend mistakes a regular, non-talking dog, for him, but this one makes it pretty clear:

He's a star outside the commercials too I think, because me and Yuki found a whole DVD boxed-set of him... doing stuff. I don't know, contemplating life, reality, the nature of things. He's adorable and I dig the ads, but I'm feeling that the voice of Otousan (father) is just as deserving of the adoration. You can't have a juxtaposition without two things to juxtaposate... against... one another...

Anyway - Look! Cute dog post!

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