Sunday, 8 February 2009

Gifts I've Been Given - Matt and Yuka's Wedding

On Sunday I went to Matt and Yuka's wedding, and it was awesome. It's the first wedding I've been to in Japan (like I've been to so many weddings in England) and it was certainly a contemporary Wedding celebration, but it was romantic and cute in a lot of ways.

Also I sang - Elton John's Your Song - as part of the... entertainment? Celebration? I was kind of like a wedding singer, up on stage in front of a lot of people. I hope I did a good job for Matt and Yuka's day, I think I did. I didn't flub any lines or belch in the middle of a line or change key at random or anything, which is always something. Gold star.

At Japanese weddings the guests all pay to attend the ceremony and part of the deal is that they get a present too. I heard that in Hokkaido the going rate for both organising and attending a wedding is much cheaper than in the rest of Japan, which would be cool, but I can't say for sure. Here's the box (it says Koyama and Longarini on it):

And here are the very lovely and quite stylish cups and saucers I got.

That was certainly not what I was expecting when I cracked it open but they are actually pretty great. Thanks and congratulations Matt and Yuka! I had a fantastic time!

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  1. My mom says that you have a beautiful voice and eyes and that you should become a rock star.