Sunday, 22 February 2009


Sorry, yesterday I wrote BeCru, because that's what Beat Crusaders abbreviated nickname sounds like, but now I find out that it's written BECR. Man, I'm so lame and old.

So like I said yesterday, the gig was really good. I had reservations, but they were a really impressive live band and put on a hell of a fun punk rock show. Their keyboard player is an asset, when he doesn't have to play he's dancing like a crazy person and conducting the crowd, which is always useful when you're a crowd-pleasing band.

The other thing about BECR is that except when they're playing live they always wear these pixelated black and white masks of their own faces. Like this:

Seriously, like in magazine interviews and everything. And when they come on stage they're wearing them, and they walk around greeting the crowd for a few minutes before frisbeeing them into the crowd and starting off. They also have a lot of fun looking videos that are really difficult to find on the internet. But, y'know I did my best:

Oh, and that's another thing, they have a tendency to give songs the same names as western songs. Not cover them, just use their names. Hence Cum On Feel The Noize is not Slade's Cum On Feel The Noize; Winterlong is not Neil Young's Winterlong and so on. However they do have a bunch of covers, so it's hard to tell. And occasionally they make a pun on the original title like the spectacular Cunt, Buy Me Love.

Here's another amazing video, man I wish they'd done this yesterday.

We did get something special in a way. They're making a live DVD from their current tour, and accompanying it will be a kinda TV comedy drama DVD starring the band. They filmed the climactic scene as part of the show's encore and it was kind of cool to see.

Oh, and they make everyone chant Japanese obscenities which is always fun.

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  1. Here's that band I mentioned. Fair to Midland:

    Their big single with legit music video. Although all the songs on their major label debut are good.

    Sounds like a real live recording, and you can watch the vocalist use his hand to manipulate his vocal cords, which he did extensively at the show I saw. That and the hobo looking guitarist, and clean-cut bassist wearing a Kelly Clarkson T-shirt left a strong impression.