Friday, 6 February 2009

I recall memories of scorching hot love, although I can not remember those scents now.

Omiyage are very important in Japan. Omiyage means, pretty much, souveniers and every time anyone goes anywhere they pick up some of the local specialties, sweets, biscuits or whatever, for the folks back home. It's a nice custom, and one that ensures you're seldom without some kind of ridiculously fancy baum cake or shortbread variation. I exaggerate, but only a little, and often so you should be used to it by now.

One of my friends recently came back from Tokyo where she used her impeccable taste to pick out a box of dano, which were really delicious sponge-cake things. Seriously, I can't over-estimate the massive range of this kind of thing that will confront you at most Japanese airports - it makes the tins of Dairy Milk that I remember at Birmingham look somewhat lacking.

Anyway you're the owner of one of these huge sweets companies and it's a homicidally competitive market so you've got to make your little cake things stand out from all the other little cake things. Word of mouth is important of course, but so is package design, and of course - copy:

Please click to embiggen and enjoy for yourself, but I'll type out the description from the box here for you're ease of reading. And please, this isn't to mock the English used to advertise the product, but to marvel at how insane their descriptions get.

Sweets scorched just a bit.

With dano's scorched cake in my hand, I can always relish a sweet breeze.
I recall memories of scorching hot love, although I can not remember those scents now.
The golden color is more beautiful than my baked skin in that memorial summer and eyes of a panda in midwinter.
This splendor and the scorching smell encompass the globe with a long jet stream.
In a few hours, my dear person will enjoy deep taste of dano with rich aroma of coffee or tea.
By the way, my share is secretly waiting for me in my bag. It also goes well with cloud colored milk.

dano's delicious stories will be born for each person who cram one's mouth with it.
Tonight, let's look up the starry sky and enjoy the scorched taste and moment.

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