Tuesday, 10 February 2009

J-Pop (guitar type) - Monobright, Beat Crusaders, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs

I've posted about Monobright a few times, and they had a new single out last month that I haven't picked up yet:

It's pretty darned good. I do like their straight on power-pop, because power-pop gets all it's power from whether the hooks connect or not. For me Monobright's hooks do the job just fine and I'll try and pick up that single soon (and don't worry Stephen, I'll see you right too).

Next week I've got an astounding two (2!) gigs to go to. The super-power-pop Beat Crusaders:

Who have grown on me a lot and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs:

That's gotta be a quote from somewhere right? Anyway one of their bios mentioned Sugar so I'm pretty much down with that noise, and they sound a lot like toddle who I love. Ah live music, I missed you.

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