Thursday, 19 February 2009

I want to punch high-school golf prodigy Ryo Ishikawa in the face (but I'm not proud of it)

Unlike my previous "I want to punch so-and-so in the goddamn face" posts, I feel kinda sorry about this one. But the feeling's still there so I'm gonna go with it. High-school gold prodigy Ryo Ishikawa has been very, very famous in Japan for a long time now, at least since I've been here and he's only seventeen now. This means he's probably been weilding a driver since he was two and has been in the spotlight ever since. The hype machine is kicking in globablly now though, since he was invited to a few competitions on the US tour and the masters, so I figured I'd post about him. About wanting to punch him I guess, so it's not like I'm contributing anything constructive to the world, but at least I'm true to myself.

Ryo-kun is widely loved here in Japan, and it's not like I have as powerful a loathing for him as I do for Kuro-san or Ohno Satoshi. Just today someone was telling me how incredibly polite and humble he always seems, and how he seems so mature for a high school kid, but it just that... ever since I saw him I found his slightly pudgy face... really punchable. He's a high school kid too, so I could take him pretty easily, but then afterwards there would be no real sense of achievement. I'd probably even feel pretty guilty, I'm sure he's a good kid and I wish him the best of luck on the world stage but there's just something about him that flicks my punching switch. I'd probably lamp him, give him a shot to the gut and then apologise profusely. But I'd still have to do it.

I'm not proud.

Then again, you know how famous he is? This famous:

That's a statue of him in the Sapporo Snow Festival. Holy crap, he could probably pay to have me erased from history if he wanted. Still, Ishikawa Ryo, if I'm ever near a golf course you happen to be playing on... look sharp.

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  1. That ad with him as the airline pilot really gets my goose. Speaking of goose, I highly recommend The Lonely Island's new comedy album. Here's the song related to goose.