Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Cheeseman Cometh

Ah, the joyful narcisism of posting a picture of yourself two days running! Here I am, striking the pose of a traditional "Cheeseman" of Hokkaido while we were at Furano Cheese Factory during a trip that Yuki and I took to "slightly east of Sapporo".

Again, shut up. That is the pose of a traditional cheeseman, pausing to reflect on the wonder of cheese and with what it is best to eat cheese. Should the cheese be chosen to match the wine, or the wine the cheese? What's with people who don't like cheese and apple together? And cetera, and cetera.

You see, thanks to the magic of the internet although the posts have been ticking along in a way, I've been out of town for a few days soaking up the sun in the (already dead) lavender fields of central Hokkaido. Posts forthcoming on this subject include "Furano and Biei"; "Yubari - Checking for Signs of Life" (sorry Yubari); and possibly something about the resort hotel where we stayed.

But tomorrow I'm off again, and this time I haven't got anything down to keep the blog going! So there'll be radio silence, but when I come back I'll be able to add Rising Sun Rock 2009 in EZO to my blog backlog. See you the other side of the weekend, and while I'm gone be sure to have some sour cheese and sweet apple for me won't you.

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