Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Recent Homeware Purchases

I mean, ok I bought a whole bunch of things for my new appartment that were more important than these, but where's the fun in reading about my second hand washing machine or my eco-friendly fridge?

Don't try to answer that. There is no fun.

Although I suppose the fact that I got "eco-points" from the government that apparently might net me some kind of gift voucher if I ever work out how to redeem them is quite nice.

Anyway, I didn't even want wire coathangers, but the plastic ones were so ugly, and then I noticed this little piece of sales hyperbole:

Slightly convenient? Oh Daiso, why do you undersell yourself so? There was a time when you could've used one of these to steal a car! Not just to bend into weird shapes and hang shoes on. TV Antenna? Poking things?

Oh this? This is just my ceramic kitchen knife. Shit yeah! Finally we're outgrowing metal and moving onto future polymer... something... Anyway it's meant to never get dull, be easy to clean and sharp to boot! Well, yes sharp enough that the first time I was using it I thought "Wow, this is pretty sharp!" and promptly sliced into my finger. Hence the plaster in that picture.

Oh! Ha ha! That's some kind of irony right?

Using a ceramic knife really does feel like I belong to some kind of advanced sci-fi civilisation where items are made from some durable white futuro-plastic and everyone wears pastel tunics and refers to each other by an inordinately long string of titles.

"What are you doing Pro-Arch-Senator-General Williams?"

"Merely slicing a tomato Semi-Vice-Brigadeer-Marquis Hapsburg. See how effortless it is?"

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