Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sapporo Food: North Continent

Well, I don't think Hokkaido constitutes a continent per se. But we can let that slide I think - it is pretty big after all.

North Continent is a new (I think) hamburg steak restaurant that Yuki spotted in a Sapporo food magazine. Hamburg steak is, in case you don't know, another one of those Japanese foods that has it's roots in foreign food but has pretty much become entirely Japanized by this point. It's generally a pretty cheap and cheerful meal (very roughly, like a burger without the bun and some side dishes), but North Continent is a kind of gourmet hamburg place, using Hokkaido meat and produce and serving the water in cool little squat glasses:

So stylish. North Continent was expensive for hamburg steak I reckon, but it was the best hamburg steak I've eaten for a long time so it has that going for it. You pick the kind of steak you want, and the sauce you want to accompany it, then they bring you the meal, a bowl of rice and a terrifying puck of superheated metal. The idea is to take a bit of the steak in your chopsticks and sear the edges crispy on the burning metal. I always like diner participation so that was a nice bit of value added.

I've marked it on the MAP, but I have a sinking feeling I got it wrong so I'll double check next time I'm in town. I think it's in the basement of a building where there used to be a used clothing store - but I could be one block too far east... maybe there's another building parallel that looks identical? Ah Sapporo, sometimes your block isn't all that helpful it turns out.

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