Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Park Review! Yurigahara Park

Man, I'm cycling everywhere at the moment. I know it's cheap and healthy and trendy and admirable, but it's kinda tiring too. I don't know. I'm not complaining but I'm a firm believer in strengthening your body with unhealthy things too from time to time. Y'know, mix it up, try to keep the body guessing.

Tara said: let's cycle to Yurigahara Park so away we went. Yurigahara is pretty far North in Sapporo, farther than Asabu, where I used to live but possibly still part of the North - South block system. It's famous for flowers, they seem to have a big botanical house there too and possibly a gardening library? Sadly when we went most of the flowers from this summer had passed on, I guess we're getting to the end of Hokkaido's pathetically brief "in bloom" season now.

The park was still lovely though:

See? Not quite as big as some other parks, but I seem to remember they give away free plants there once a year and like I said - very famous for flowers if you catch it in spring or early summer. They also have a train that runs around the park, and a pay-to-enter Japanese garden which might be quite nice. I didn't take the train, but cycling over the miniature level crossings was quite surreal.

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