Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Inside Kapibarasan Cafe Sapporo

Sorry Bunny.

Last week we went to the In The Loop Cafe - currently rebranded as Kapibarasan Cafe Sapporo for a whole month. Apparently there's a permanent Kapibarasan Cafe in Tokyo that's so popular that some tourists from Hokkaido couldn't get a seat when they were in town. So the good people at Kapibara HQ decided to sate the appetite of the Kapibarasan fans of the north with what I believe might be termed as a "pop-up store". I've actually wanted to go to In The Loop for quite a while, I think they specialise in hippyish philosophy and making their own bread usually, but in the absence of that was a whole lot of this:

A delicious rice and avocado dish with a cheese croquet decorated to look like Kapibarasan and a lump of mashed spuds made to resemble his lazy chick friend Namekemonokun. Amazingly, it was really good, and the coffee wasn't tossed off either. And it came in a Kapibarasan mug that I could have picked up in the Kapibarasan gift shop that accompanies the restaurant.

Yuki had dessert, where the Kapibarasan involvement was limited to his face on the ice-cream. Are these dishes being prepared by the regular In The Loop staff? And if so, what do they think while they're painstakingly recreating Kapibarasan's face in worcester sauce?

I didn't want to be too gauche, or spoil the surprise for the die hard Kapi-heads out there so I didn't snap much of the interior, but there are many photos of Kapibarasan soft toys, many pictures of the original character, some computers that we really should have tried where you answer a questionnaire and it tells you what character from the Kapibara-verse you are (there are more than you might think, including a purple rockabilly capibara who makes motorcycle noises), and finally many soft Kapibarasan toys that you can hug while you eat:

Um, ah... honestly everyone else was doing it... well all the girls and Yuki wouldn't so I thought that...

Shut up. His fur is very soft.


  1. Do you know how I can find the Kapibara San cafe in tokyo? That would be soo much fun to go to!
    Like your post.
    Wish you a nice day!
    // Lisa :)

  2. May i know where is this in tokyo?

  3. It's NOT IN TOKYO! It's in Sapporo on the Hokkaido Island up north of Japan!