Friday, 7 August 2009

Sapporo Food: ouchi

And we're back with another place to fill your face in sunny ol' Sapporo. This time soup curry at ouchi:

Ouchi is a "curry and gohan" restaurant, so they have rice dishes too. Soup curry was front and centre of their menu though, so I figured that would be a bostin' place to start. They have two different soup curry styles, and to be honest I didn't really try to apply my lacklustre Japanese to working out the distinction but for the one I got the soup flavour was excellent.

Really tasty, spicy, curry soup (although I had "hot 2" level and it wasn't incredibly hot) - but the vegetables in the vegetable soup curry weren't all that incredible. Possibly I'm spoiled, I often eat at Gombei Spice where the vegetable soup curry is great, or at Voyage where they do a kind of all-the-veg-we-can-fit-in-the-bowl kind of thing but this had a lot of cabbage and onions and the carrot wasn't very nice.

Yeah, that's right, I'm complaining about the carrot. It's an important part of the dish as a whole! What?!

Decor wise the place is nice and retro and full of ETs. Like there's a whole bunch of the glowy-fingered fella around. That may be a deal cincher for some people, I know.

Another thing to consider is: I think I was their first customer of the day, and possibly they had only just opened when I came in, and soup curry is the kind of thing I imagine goes well when all is well prepared. Still although it didn't blow me away, it was nice and well worth a visit if you're in the city centre. It's on my map so you can see where.

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