Saturday, 29 August 2009

Junk Food Times: Chip! Chop

I tried these on a whim last week:

And they're like goddamn crack. I bought three boxes in a week and I'm already trying to ascertain with convenience store chains carry them so that I can patronize those enlightened few. They're some sort of chocoloate flavoured corn-crisp snack, but with the added punch of a subtle touch of salt. That salt/caramel; chocolate/pretzel; potato chip/chocolate symbiosis is not to everyone's taste - and to those who don't dig it, I would have to say... hurry up and evolve already! In the future, as everyone knows, food with be in pill form with all the flavours mixed in such a way that every meal will leave you incapacitated with pleasure, your eyes rolled back in your head, pawing yourself like a monkey. Better to get on that train now, before you're forced to ride box-cars all the way from here to the future.

Also, when you eat a handful of these and then take a sip of milk it's really fucking delicious.

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