Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sapporo Food: Treasures UPDATED!

UPDATE! I deleted this from the map a long time ago but I never mentioned it here. Treasures closed ages ago, saying they were going to re-open, but to the best of my knowledge they never did. Shame.

Back to the eateries:

Treasures is a hamburger shop, and since I'm on a mission to try every hamburger shop on that godsend Sapporo Burger Map leaflet it was a no-brainer to drop in here on my way back from the Library. It's small and colourful (of which I approve) and fairly cheap. You're looking at around 550yen for a burger, which probably seems expensive if you only eat McDonalds or Lotteria, but then if you only eat Lotteria or McDonalds you probably don't really like Hamburgers. In fact, you probably don't really like yourself very much.

Yeah, I'm sitting here with my arms crossed right now judging you.

Anyway the burgers aren't all that big, but they're pretty good. Possibly, y'know... too much lettuce:

...but a good unhealthy burger flavour. They have some signs up about beef, which means I guess they don't mix pork and beef here (though I can't be sure, "Teenage" Matt Longarini has a better palette for that stuff, but I'm learning). I got the Teriyaki Egg Burger, and didn't get much teriyaki out of it but did enjoy it plenty. Oh, I liked the bread, that's right. It was soft and almost too thin but better than many burger buns in Japan.

Slap! Bang! It's on the map, and it's in Odori if a little far west so check it out.

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