Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Joy of Video: The Circular Mosh from Rising Sun

Just tonight I was having a video chat - or "vat" (trust me, it's what all the kids are calling it) - with my father. The other day I was involved in a bewildering 5-way skype chat. And now, here I am posting a video, which I took with my camera, online in my blog.

My point, as always is... no jetpacks? Still? What the hell, Technology? Not even a killer robot dinosaur? Sometimes I wonder where your priorities are.

At Rising Sun I was walking past the Green Oasis stage while the trashy skate-punk band Razor's Edge were playing. Lots of "kids" in attendance, and for a minute I thought there was a frenetic-as-hell moshpit going on in the middle of the crowd. I was kinda right, see if you can see what they're doing here:

They're running very fast in a well defined circle in the middle of the crowd. What the hell? Was this organised by the band or is this standard teen-punk practice in Japan? Either way, I suppose it consitutes a kind of choreography.

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  1. There's probably some law of crowds related to this. At the mosherific show I went to, it only took a small influential group to get everyone started. They could bend the crowd to their will, for good or for ill.