Sunday, 21 September 2008

Alex Recommends Comics! Phonogram

So I like comics, and sometimes I think it's worth banging on an old bass drum about something I think people outside that cannibalistic niche of the geek market would like. Phonogram is an awesome comic that will pretty much knock you down if you're an American with an interest in British indie music, or if you're a British person with any idea at all about guitar music in the nineties. Yes, that means Britpop, but don't run away yet.The first of six issues was collected into a book that you must buy. Especially since it seems to be only seven bloody quid at the moment.

The story by Kieron Gillen takes a love/hate of Britpop and its various descendents and smushes it up with the idea of people using music to make magic (literally, to cast spells). It's perfectly pitched to make the supernatural elements seem as natural as possible for the most part, after all that's what pop music does - it transports you and transforms the world around you. The art by Jamie McKelvie is just wonderful too; I always have a soft spot for artists who can really nail facial expressions, and although his action can be kinda stilted, his characters and faces are among the best in the business. Also it features Luke Haines acting as a guide through the Britpop-dreamtime, so that's awesome too.

And (and this is the important bit) Phonogram 2 is going to launch at the end of the year. I really want it to be as succesful as possible, so when it finally does bust out I want you to find a comic store near you that sells it and buy a copy of each issue as it comes out. Sadly you can't pick up comics at the newsagent or whatever anymore, you've gotta hunt them down at a comic book store, but there are plenty of those still around at the moment so go do it. Here's their advance flyer, click it to view it properly:

Heh, "With the ears".

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